Two colonist’s argue in limerick

English colonies doesn’t quite fit

Sugar, stamps, tea don’t tax me on it

Give me a rifle

So George won’t trifle

If he does I’ll just slap him a bit

You should Stop being silly my friend

Need just pay our taxes for this to end

Why would we revolt?

Am I being trolt

There would be no more fish and chips then

Are you kidding you stupid buffoon.

We could trade with whomever so soon

Four weeks one way

It’s too far I say

For the rule of a king who’s a loon

Why die in a war that we can’t win

We are too weak without the French in

You’re such a traitor

George the third hater

I deduce you are on heroin


The American Pageant (Thomas A. Bailey, David M. Kennedy, Lizabeth Cohen)


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