The True Americans and Founders of America

There are going to be some blogs on here talking about how the original Native Americans were the true Americans and how everyone else were just immigrants. Now, this is true to an extent. When the new world was first being colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese, these people were indeed immigrants. However, by the 1700s, everyone has been born on American soil making them true Americans. They are not immigrants anymore, there are descendents. That is a completely different thing.

The new world was not called America when the Spanish and Portuguese first arrived. In fact, the new world wasn’t even a country at the time. It was just a huge piece of land with a couple million inhabitants who had no official form of government. If Europeans had not discovered the new world and introduced their style of life, then America wouldn’t be where it is today. Now I’m not calling the Europeans the founders of America. I’m calling them the discoverers of the new world.

When the new world was first discovered, the Europeans didn’t immediately create a government and start a new country. They did, however, claim land for their country. Things then changed when England made its first attempt at colonization at Roanoke Island in 1583. From then on, English voyagers came to the new world and became colonists. Although it was extremely unsuccessful at first, the colonists recovered and the settlements became more populous and powerful with the support from Great Britain.

Throughout the 1600s, these English settlements grew into colonies, most notably: Massachusetts Bay Colony, Virginia, and New England. Great Britain started sending over aristocratic governors to control the colonies and make sure they stayed under British rule. Although this was not considered a government, it started the path to forming one.

During the mid 1700s, a duel for North America erupted between Great Britain and France. Britain controlled the colonies and France controlled some vital Canadian trading posts, such as Quebec and Montreal, as well as the French West Indies. France wanted to take over more of America and this started the French and Indian War (which evolved into the Seven Years’ War). After many crucial battles between the French armies and American/British armies, a peace treaty was signed in 1763 to end the war. It gave Britain all of Canada and let French keep the valuable sugar islands in the French West Indies.

This victory gave Americans the sense of independence and the no-longer-need for British support feeling. It was then that Americans differentiated themselves from the British. When Americans weren’t receiving the respect from the British that they thought they deserved, the smell of revolution was at the tip of their nose. Revolution talks didn’t start until the British created restricting and oppressive laws starting with the Navigation Laws of 1650. They weren’t enforced until 1763. These prohibited American colonies from trading with any other country except Britain. This resulted in wide-spread smuggling. There were other restrictive laws such as the Sugar Act of 1764 but what really made the colonists furious was the Stamp Tax, which was part of the Stamp Act of 1765.

The first Continental Congress was formed in Philadelphia to discuss problems. This was the first true form of government in America. Although it wasn’t official, the congress acted like one. They discussed problems and sent a list of complaints to Britain Parliament. This congress was the first sign of America becoming its own country.

Things eventually escalated and the War for Independence began. It ended in 1776 when America won the war and signed the Declaration of Independence. These men who came together and helped achieve this independence from Britain and eventually create an official government are the true founders and makers of America. My argument may seem controversial but the Native Americans were not the true Americans and definitely not the true founders of America. The men who should be remembered are the ones who created a country free from European rule.

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