The Fresh Politician of Philadelphia

fresh politician

Now this is a story

All about how

A new nation was born

and how Britian had a cow

And I’d like to take a minute,

but this might sound silly,

I’ll tell you how I became a politician

in a city called Philly


In Boston, Massachusetts, born and raised

At home, reading books, I spent most of my days

Voraciously learning, reading everything I could

When I decided to write to my brother’s newspaper, claiming to be one “Ms. Dogood”

I had the whole town thinking I was a widow of forty five

And when they found out who Ms. Dogood was, oh what a surprise!

My brother got mad, so I decided to split

at 17 I decided Philadelphia would be my new crib

I started exploring anything that caught my attention.

And in my day, I did quite a few things worthy of mention.

I made this discussion group, Junto, for the educated

where we talked about things we loved and hated.

We pooled our money and bought books

which at the time, all our money, they took.

We eventually made the first US library

it was a pretty big burden to carry

Let’s skip back a bit

When I was 17 I almost got married and I had an illegitimate kid

Then when I was 24, “I want to get married” I thought

but when our first child died, with grief I was fraught


Later in life, I dabbled in science and philosophy

Wave theory, Ocean currents, Chess, and Electricity

I formed a volunteer fire fighter brigade

and helped create the postal system your generation seems to hate

I inevitably got interested in politics

You probably know my drawing of a snake cut up in bits.

But that wasn’t all I did

I was unanimously chosen as the Pensylvania representative to the Second Continental Congress


I helped draft the Declaration of Independence

And I served as a diplomat, visiting England and France.

And that’s how after, to my Boston home, saying “see ya!”

I ended up the Fresh Politician of Phildelphia


John Kenneth Galbraith. (1975). Money: Where It Came, Whence It Went pp. 54–54. Houghton Mifflin Company.

Isaacson, Walter. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life. Simon & Schuster. 2003.

6 thoughts on “The Fresh Politician of Philadelphia

  1. Wow! Beautifully written Joe. A great showcase of facts and creativity shown through unique lyric writing. I definitely loved the fact that you decided to present the facts but left his name unmentioned to leave it to us to guess it was Benjamin Franklin. The line that got to me was “Britain had a cow” and from then you drew me in. Great piece.

  2. This was so great! I cried when I first saw it! I agree @AlliyahL about “How Britain had a cow.” Maybe I can actually remember all the things Ben Franklin did if I memorized this song! Four for you and the Fresh Politician of Philadelphia!

  3. I really enjoyed your fusion of a popularly known rhyme sequence and the foundation of America; I personally would have never thought of it. The whole parody had me smiling, if we could learn history like this, I would never be bored! Good contribution to the world. I’ve never learned so much about Benjamin Franklin in 42 lines then through this compilation. (P.S. Can we make this a thing? I would definitely help!)

  4. This is lovely! A song is a really great way to memorize something and if I had to write a biography on Ben Franklin, I could definitely do it with this! I was singing along from the start. Great job!

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