The Foundation of America, as Told By a Family of Corn

At the beginning of our memory, America was the best place for us corn to live. We had full control of the land and we took up as much of it as we could. We were occasionally eaten by some animals but mostly we got to live until our natural death. Then after some time, foreign, two legged creatures walked over here on an ice bridge. They thought we were very tasty and ate us as one of their main staples; we thought they were mean because we didn’t like to get eaten and they didn’t even apologize to us for it the way they did when they ate animals. What we didn’t know is that in a matter of time we would be feeding a whole lot of even less grateful mouths. After we had finally gotten used to these two legged creatures that liked to eat us, there came some more of the same kind of creatures; this time, however, they were coming in the water on this big contraption that we think we heard them refer to as a boat. They were dressed funny too; they were, we later found out, Norse seafarers from Scandinavia and they did not stay very long. After that we did not see any more new two legged creatures for over 400 years; it was just the ones who had come over on the ice bridge long ago. But then on the fateful day of October 12 1492, our home changed forever. On that day, another boat came to America with some rather confused seeming two legged creatures on it. They called our long time two legged inhabitants “Indians” – we had no idea where that had come from. Also, these newbies had never even heard of us corn before or many of our other fruit and vegetable friends like pumpkin, papaya, blueberries , sweet potatoes and more – but as soon as they found us, we were devoured like crazy. After that fateful day, there were people (we soon learned that this is what two legged creatures are called) coming to America all the time. Many were from Spain and they were looking for gold and trying to convert nearly everyone except for us to Christianity. A few hundred years later, our home was being permanently colonized by people from Britain and they were truly changing our home forever and decreasing our lifespans as well. We corn are good listeners so we know some of what was going on in those British colonies. Over a little more than a hundred years, thirteen colonies were founded; these colonies were controlled by England. At first this seemed to be working out well enough but then there was some terrible fighting on our land; we learned this fighting was called war. The first big one was called the French and Indian war and it was a fight mainly between the colonists and the people who had been here for the longest, whom we had now become quite fond of. This seemed to somehow disturb the colonists’ relationship with England and then there was another, worse war between the colonists and England that ended with those thirteen colonies becoming independent states. We are merely vegetables, we don’t really know what to make of America’s foundation history; we simply know that humans contributed some major changes to our land and our life and to us it seemed mostly to be for the worse. We like the land to be open and free and not overrun by damaging humans but we also know that humans may look at things a bit differently.

Sources:, The American Pageant (11th Edition)Image


7 thoughts on “The Foundation of America, as Told By a Family of Corn

  1. This is a very good summary of America’s history from before the time the Native Americans even came. I especially like how this is all written from the perspective of corn. Very original.

  2. I was trying to figure out how the corn would know all this, but I realized THEY HAVE EARS! But seriously, I really liked your perspective in this post because it was a neutral stance, and had roots (hehe, plant pun) tracing back to the very beginning of America (prior to Columbus), so we could see how drastically the different events changed for this unbiased, native inhabitant. Very nice.

  3. I think it’s pretty funny. I like how you were able to incorporate the facts of history into the perspective of corn and how they would see and think of it. Plus no one would have ever thought of corn to be the real sufferers in the New World, many other would think that perhaps the Native Americans were the ones to have faced the worst, or even the animals that were also slaughtered in the Canada Area (the fur trade) but I guess you are right, corn was here before all of them and were eaten the most.
    Also you should consider writing a series of short stories of this, teaching history and then maybe continuing to write a second series of a different plant in a different area of the world.

  4. Absolutely adorable, and surprisingly informative.

    I like the tidbit of Christians trying to convert everybody “except for us” ❤
    I felt felt strong emotions for the poor corn.

  5. This is really creative, and also really well written. When I read the title I didn’t know exactly what was going on but I really liked it.

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