The Colonies Were Just Children with No Appreciation for Parents

I love America. Don’t get me wrong. But that doesn’t mean that the men who created the country were exactly the most “righteous” of beings.

Let’s take it back to the 18th century.

Ah, the colonies. If you’ve ever raised a teenager (although I’m sure most of you haven’t), you can probably relate to how Great Britain felt back in the day. One moment, the colonies were like children: innocent, and at times disobedient. But they knew who the boss was. Then the next moment, they’re telling you they want to move out… basically.

Think about how taken aback Great Britain was. Ever since the colonies were born it had been taking care of it, nurturing it, feeding it imports, and ensuring their safety. Britain even fought the French and Indian War with France just to keep the colonies’ land and safety. But as soon as the immediate danger was gone, the colonies began to think that they were all grown up and ready to face the big world on their own.

Britain, like any good parent, decided that its children would have to learn responsibility. Since the colonies and Britain were all under the same roof, Britain thought that the colonies should pay taxes just like the people living in the parent country. The mutinous adolescents, I mean colonies, grabbed this as an opportunity to have their first major teenager-parent right. They expressed their misguided opinions on how “unfair” it was and how they were so “mistreated”.

If it weren’t so surprising, it would have been laughable. Britain was taxing them for the colonies’ own good. Some of the tax money would be used for maintaining the safety of the colonies. But the colonies were deaf to explanations. They only saw it the way they wanted to see it.

Then came the long list of complaints. The defiant colonies complained about everything they could. They wanted to trade with other nations! They wanted to settle farther into the dangerous unknown! Great Britain could only shake its head with disbelief. Didn’t the colonies know that interacting with strangers is dangerous? Weren’t the current Indian attacks harmful enough? Didn’t they know that it is better to be safe than sorry?

However, as most parents do, Great Britain sometimes let the colonies get away with bad behavior. They withdrew some of their acts and taxes. The crucial mistake many parents make. This only increased the colonies’ rebellious attitudes. They began to act out even more.

The colonies rebelled and protested and even made an official document stating their separation. What was a parent supposed to do? Britain had tried everything it could. The only option now was… to let go. Along the long battle Britain realized that maybe, just maybe, the colonies actually were capable of taking care of itself. And even worse, if the fight went on, the colonies might hate them forever. Never have any means of communication with them ever again. No parent ever wants that.

And so,

the new nation was born.

Free all the colonies! obliterate all the taxes! | x all the y

Meme generation gotten from

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Information in text provided by The American Pageant, 1997


5 thoughts on “The Colonies Were Just Children with No Appreciation for Parents

  1. This is such a great analogy and approach on the topic. A great job information wise and making it relative to present day and our everyday lives. Brilliant.

  2. I found the way you compared the relationship between the American colonies and Great Britain to that of a parent raising a rebellious teenager, to be very interesting (in a good way) and creative. I really like the tone of this post, especially the last few lines. Your perspective makes it easy and enjoyable to read. Great way to “sum” up the foundation of America!

  3. I like that you drew a parallel to parents and rebellious teenagers, it was a very interesting way to look at it. I completely agree with you that Britains taxes were for the good of the colonies, they just didnt want to look at it that way.

  4. The relationship concluded in this post is really strongly supported, and really, makes you upset with the childishness that began the American revolution. It makes you realize that just because it was in a larger scale, and dealing with important matters, the tone of “rebellious teenager” should’ve come to mind quicker. This is a good comparison, and really makes you step back, and possibly look at other foreign relationships that are present today.

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