Revolutionary Colonial Inventions

On this date of November 25, 1783 as the last British troops decamp from New York City, a new era of history, particularly American history, begins. As the war of independence concludes and a new age begins we must take time to reflect on the men and women who helped fight for our liberality and helped to build this newborn nation from the dense woods and hard rock that once blanketed this independent nation. In light of this occasion, I, as a American, shalt believe that I must bring light to the many innovations and inventions that were conceived by the talented and ingenious colonial Americans.

Colonial America was a time when people in the thirteen colonies were under direct British rule. Colonial settlers pounced on the opportunity to make their life easier, and to create ways of governing, I wouldn’t blame them. Vision and inventiveness deluged colonial society for many years and helped set in motion the American drive of creativity and breaking away from the shackles of old world thinking. New ideas of thought and apparatuses flourished in the fertile lands of the then thirteen colonies. These life altering changes impregnated the society of the day and laid the groundwork of the American Revolution. In a way many colonists found ways of indirectly or directly being part of a revolution that started when Jamestown was built without even knowing it. Here are a top five run-down of the most important yet least known colonial inventions.

5. Transportation


The Pennsylvania farmer, Jacob Yoder, invented the flatboat after serving in the American Revolutions. He first sailed this odd boat down the Monongahela River carrying flour to New Orleans in 1872. This boat was odd for its time for flatboats were always rectangular and flat bottomed. Their characteristics allow them to be used in shallow water. A purely American invention was created by Jacob Yoder for I see a time when flatboats will be the new means of traveling down rivers.

4. Safety

Joseph Jenks of Boston, Massachusetts in 1654 built the first American fire engine which was commissioned by the city of Boston. This societal changing invention was a horse-drawn water pump. Being able to be brought to the sight of a fire and used to help extinguish the blaze saved countless of lives and property. All he needs to all are red flashing lights and it will be a success, I am sure of it. This invention of the fire engine was a big achievement in colonial safety for the numerous of houses built of wood were very fire prone and an extreme danger to does who dwelled in them.

3. Food Production Method

Corn Mill

Sybilla Masters, the first woman to patent an invention, developed an mill that would grind corn into meal. You go girl! Although inventing a way to clean and cure Indian corn crops and invented a new method of weaving palmetto chip and straw for hats both patents issued for these inventions were under the name of her husband. This invention of the corn mill transformed the grain industry

2. Household Appliance

During the colonial times fireplaces, can you believe it FIREPLACES, heated homes. However, as you all know, fireplaces are very inefficient for almost all if not all of the heat would go up the chimney plus your house would end up smelling like smoke. Benjamin Franklin developed a type of stove that would replace open fireplaces for the Franklin stove had a more efficient fire and used less wood and produced more heat. Franklin really saved us there. To add on top of that he turned down a patent for his design for he did not want to make a profit from it; he wanted all people to profit from it. There goes to show you true American attitude, selflessness.

1. Cultural Invention

Common sense…which the British seem to lack

The most important invention in colonial America was the cultural invention of calling for a new form of government unlike anything in Europe. Thomas Paine’s writing were important milestones in human thought for they incorporated the ideas of the Enlightenment and established the rights of man and liberty. As Paine established these rights not only as concepts but as a reason for war against those who commit such offense, he started the actual fight for independence from the tyrannical British. One can tell that Paine was hunger for war.

In the end these inventions and many others helped to start a revolution and in a way were the founding fathers of America for they created a new sense of identity and purpose. I know these inventions and many more to come will shape this newborn country to a strong nation of a people drive and inventiveness. Now go out and celebrate the pride for our new, independent country.

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