Old Glory

oldgloryimageEach country has its own story: a story that tells of triumphs and failures, morals and unity. A story that is important to the people, represents the history of the people. Each country has its own story. And this story it hidden in its flag.

One of the first flags used in the colonies, was the Sons of Liberty flag. It was thirteen horizontal red and white stripes. These stripes symbolized the thirteen colonies, and the colors stood for certain virtues. The red represented courage and determination, while the white represented purity. The Sons and Daughters of Liberty came together as a result of the taxes imposed on the colonies because of the debt of England after the French and Indian War. It was an important part of our history because that was one of the first times when the colonies came together against their mother country. With courage, determination, and purity as their values, the thirteen colonies became one.

The Grand Union Flag was also known as the flag of the revolution. The Union Jack in the upper left corner, the thirteen red and white stripes were still there. It was raised on Mount Prospect in 1775, and it was the unofficial national flag beginning July 4th, 1776 the day America gained its independence. It was altered through that year, changing the Union Jack into white stars on a blue background, showing that America was no longer a part of Britain, and the thirteen stars showed the change from colonies to states.

On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress finally adopted a nation flag. They agreed that it had to have the thirteen alternating red and white stripes, and that there would be thirteen stars and a blue background in the union. The blue stands for perseverance and justice. The thirteen stars represented a new constellation. America was new-born. America was united as one. We were free.

Our current flag is called Old Glory, and the constellation of stars has changed over the years, to accommodate for the new states. As America grew, so did the constellation on our flag. Old Glory tells our history, our story.






The American Pageant: the 11th Edition



2 thoughts on “Old Glory

  1. I really like the analogy of America being born like a new constellation. It shows the Americans’ pride in themselves and how they believed that their country was, is, incredible, and that it shines bright like a star.

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