Go Columbus – the rapist – Taino killing – people slaughtering discoverer of America

Lets take a step back

and examine what we’ve got.

Columbus came in and

let the Indians rot.

Did he have the right to do so?

Heh, who cares about rights?

He had the dinero and power in this case,

and oh, he was also white.

So of course he’d be the one,

the one to win.

Ignore the fact that he was a sociopath

and that he felt no chagrin.

He was like “YAY. Go England”

“We’re just making them civilized”

But today, he is the reason that

today, their whole population has been paralyzed.

Did he not think

when he raped those young girls?

When he killed those innocent children,

in greed for that gold and for those pearls?

Those poor Tainos,

he came and basically them wiped out.

What a fate they were destined to?

No one paid attention to their screams and shouts.

Why, then, do we

celebrate this stigma of a man?

He was the one the one that took lives

and threw them in the trash can.

Did he feel remorse?

Nah! Why would he?

He had the support of King Ferdinand

and of Spain’s Queen Bee.

He was getting dem riches,

which were the only things that seemed to matter.

Not those Taino old folk he killed,

or those children whose lives he slaughtered.

So tell me why on Columbus day,

we do not mourn?

Mourn for all those Indian lives

that were killed and those yet to be born?

How do we, as humans,

find it justified to dwell

in a house that’s been made

on top of their yells?

Why do we never

never acknowledge the fact

that the blood of the Indians

is the reason our shelter is intact?

So does that not make us

just as bad as that sociopath

Cuz we basically sleep in beds

placed on dead people’s wrath?

Illustration Theodor de Bry, 1594http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbus_Letter_on_the_First_Voyage

2 thoughts on “Go Columbus – the rapist – Taino killing – people slaughtering discoverer of America

  1. I like the way you incorporated a rather 21st century writing style to a a centuries old argument! Your argument seems harsh and powerful, however like it was said during the oil spill of BP, “You’re not mad enough to stop driving your car” or in this case “You’re not mad enough to move out of the country or give back the rights to the land to the natives”

  2. Its great how you exploited the elephant in the room, even though now their and our history is told more on fact, many seem to not talk about how we live on a grave. Also, yea, I agree with Shazia and I really thought it was creative to write a poem from fact and history instead of writing a history lesson. So keep up the good work.

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