Foundation of America: The Beginning, the Middle, but not the End

To tell the whole story of America is a long and broad topic that can be debated, opinionated, and reworded. The best possible to way to speak of the beginning of America is to start from the literal beginning and then skipping a couple years here and there. Simply by talking about the foundation of America one can mean the actual earth and tectonic plates and what makes them, or one could tell the animal and plant history, or, what is mostly taught, one can talk about the culture of the human species in America. To make this as informing as possible, this text will contain parts of all three to make it an interesting story as well as logical. The origins of America starts with the break of the continent of Pangaea about 270 million years ago. Tectonic plates that outline the crust of the Earth began to move and split into several continents which drifted away from each other, two of these continents are known today as North America and South America. This is the literal start and making of America, but it is only the beginning of the potential it has to become a new world. The animal life started with simple celled organisms which time made into more complicated structures, some stayed in the sea and others moved into the land. Dinosaurs were one of many species that came from time and science, but time proved to be wrong for them because as time progressed they met their end. Sea-life continued to flourish while the remaining animal and plant life struggled for survival, but eventually prevailed and survived. That is the end of the very beginning of America, the Middle of its story begins with humans as some choose to cross from the temporary land bridge connecting North-East Russia to Alaska. Time also plays a factor here because as a separate human life builds itself in Europe another does too in the Americas. These two type of humans are destined to be reunited again. One of the most important histories of America is that of the 13 original colonies of England. These thirteen colonies changed history not only by having a successful revolution and break from ‘Invincible Britain’ but also in forming the first Democratic system since the Greeks and Romans. While many can argue that the revolution really started when the first settlers and travelers stepped onto America, I think it is more important to explain the problems that the American colonist had with England and the outcome of it. So in reality it started with the Seven Years war. The first of a long list of grievances is that in this war none of the colonial soldiers were risen in rank. Many of the British soldiers actually considered the colonial soldiers as not useful and that they were less then them. Yet, what really angered the colonists was that after the war the Proclamation of 1763 was set. This Proclamation angered the colonists because it stated that the colonists could not travel and settle farther than the Appalachian mountains. The colonists believed that their recent victory in the war went against this because they had won the right to the very thing that Great Britain was trying to take away. After this new law many followed which only proved to dissatisfy and anger the colonists further. Tax acts such as the Stamp Act and the Tea Act angered the colonists simply for the reason that these laws were being put into place without the colonists having a say or any form of representation in Parliament, therefore the popular phrase, “no taxation without representation.” Other laws such as the Quartering Act and the Town shed Acts proved to do no better to the moods of the colonist. The colonist from the start of the fighting never thought or even dreamed of the idea of separating from England becoming a separate nation, in fact they still loved their mother country and still drank to their king’s health. What started the true revolution was new ideas from radical thinkers and continual dis-pleasement from England. The war started even though the fight against Britain had long since began. While there were many obvious weaknesses and disadvantages that the American Colonists had, they still managed to break off from the Mother land, but not without help. The French were more than eager to help supply the colonists with weapons and others supplies, and this greatly helped the American People. Eventually, as the tide began to turn in the favor of the colonists, the French began to openly help the colonists as well as supply troops. After a long war the Colonists emerged victorious at Yorktown and the United States of America was set as a nation of a successful revolution. What made this new nation so important in the future wasn’t simply that it was the first successful revolution in the Americas, but that it was the first democratic nation to function properly. Of course the USA did not function well or properly at the beginning of its life and had many difficulties until it did, but many of the documents made to organize the government into a democratic one was used as guide for many other nations, not just in the Americas but also in Europe, such as France. This in short is the foundation story of the United States of America, but it is only the beginning of its full story. sources The American Pageant 13th edition


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