Father of Rebellion

Nathaniel Bacon. When this name is heard, some people shake their fists in the air yelling “traitor!”, while others nod in approval of the heroic acts of Nathaniel Bacon. The cause of the mixed reactions to Bacon is what he is best known for; his rebellion, popularly known as Bacon’s rebellion. Nathaniel Bacon was a “tall, handsome and arrogant” man, born and educated in Britain. He traveled to Virginia and worked as a farmer. While in Virginia, Bacon could not help but speak out against the high taxes and special privileges given to those who were close to the governor, Sir William Berkeley, and to top that off, there were attacks on the frontier by the Native Americans. After Bacon carried out two successful missions against the Native Americans, he was offered a seat in the new House of Burgesses; but, sensing he was trouble, Gov. Berkeley did not give him the position and had him arrested. By this time, Bacon had had enough. There were the people of Virginia suffering attacks from neighboring tribes and impoverished farmers struggling to get food on their table, while Berkeley and his men were enjoying life, almost irrelevant to the problems of their people, and to give Bacon, who would actually make a change for the people of Virginia, a seat was too much?

Bacon gathered supporters and marched on Jamestown forcing Berkeley to give him the permission to Attack the Native Americans. Berkeley refused because obviously protecting his people was not worth a little trouble with the Native Americans. Bacon, the stubborn man he was, took matters into his own hands and gathered poor farmers, Blacks and yes even Native Americans and started a rebellion against William Berkeley and the government. Bacon was the first to bring all races together for one cause, so of course this was a pretty big deal. Since Berkeley, instead of being the strong governor he was supposed to, fled for his life, Nathaniel Bacon had his chance to set fire to Jamestown and basically took control of the colony. Things were pretty much like this till Bacon died suddenly. Lacking a strong leader, his supporters eventually gave up and the rebellion died. Although the rebellion died, it still left a significant impact on the world. Now, Bacon burning town Jamestown and terrorizing the government was not the best thing to do, however, he made great achievements. He united all races together for one cause and paved the way for future generations to rebel against the government. Nathaniel Bacon’s rebellion was the first in United states history and inspired others to protest taxes and an unjust government

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