Did Human Greed, Curiosity, Intelligence, and Simply Time Predestine the Founding of America?


Time is a concept the human mind can only partially understand and utilize. It is not bound any restrictions of possibilities and differentiates in everyone’s perspective. Time is the only entity that could have broken apart Pangaea 225 million years ago, compressed the glaciers in the Canadian shield down to water 35,000 years earlier, and migrated 72 million Siberian inhabitants over to the Americas. Time has developed what we know today as modern day America. Now that I have broken down time for you, let me tear apart the rest of this title and offer you some realization.

Although humans in the latter centuries have extended life capacities over their ancestors, they still complain about not attaining enough time. To save time that is felt to be lost and promote efficiency, new technologies are developed. In 1450, the Anemometer was made to measure the speed of wind which would help the sailors surrounded by gusts. Martin Behaim, a previous merchant in Portugal invented the first map globe by 1492 that may have caused conflicting concepts and theories for the shape of the world and the existing continents. The late 1400’s, was when the caravel was boarded together and vastly became popular for travelers and explorers. Brought from the Arabs a century beforehand, was the invention that caused the largest spark to rocket exploration- the compass. This, the most reliable instrument at that the time, would truly guide and give courage to the navigators of the Atlantic.

The trait of being desirous is built in our mindset. Spain was the leading imperial power in the 15th century and the Portuguese capable of sailing far and wide over to Asia. However, Europeans still wanted cheap goods and more of it. Spain’s goal when Columbus set sail in 1492 to discover a path to India and continue to compete with these other countries in wealth and prestige. The settlements of Peru and Mexico were created and became prosperous from this discovery of land from the Western Europeans. Other kings hoping for the same success followed Spain’s actions and drove explorers to the new world to search for ways to grow their revenue. If the men came back empty, the king would be vehement. This was held especially true for English who sent 100 men to the New World who arrived on May 24, 1607 and later settled what would be called Jamestown.

Of course other factors led to the founding of America, but I would say the very root of the cause was human nature and time. Humans are born as either leaders or followers, ambitious, opinionated, full of jealousy and ideas, and endless other qualities shown in this post. These human traits have drastically changed the past history of the Earth to this present day, and will continue beyond until the end of life as we know it. But what will we bring in the future, and what’s the future of America? Only time will tell.

Image: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0e/1798_Payne_Map_of_the_World_(pre_1800_American_Map)_-_Geographicus_-_World-payne-1798.jpg, Payne




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