Credit to the Spanish!

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We celebrate Columbus Day for a reason, and some may say that he might be the reason for why the United States of America has become what it is today. Even though he wasn’t technically the first person to ‘discover’ or ‘explore’ the Americas, he did lead to the other nations gaining interest in the Americas, which of course, lead to the development of the American land. Many credit the development of the American colonies to England, but I believe that not enough credit is given to the true ‘brains’ behind what started all of this. I feel that Spain should gain more credit for this, after all, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand sent Columbus from Spain to try to find a route to get to India, which turned out to be unsuccessful (obviously), and he arrived at the Americas. If he had never accidentally arrived in the Americas, it might have been possible that it would not have been ‘discovered’ or ‘interest sparking’ for some time, probably 20-70 years later, since navigational technology would advance, and it would be pretty hard to ‘accidentally’ go south or west when your compass is obviously telling you where north is.
The British are given too much credit. If it weren’t for the Spaniards, the British would not have been to America for quite a while, and the establishment of colonies would have taken a longer time. None of the other European nations (such as France and Germany) would have established their boundaries in North America either. We all know that Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers, came from England, and all the other founding fathers had British blood. They all contributed to what is now known as the great nation of the United States of America. Imagine what it would be like if their interest had never been sparked (the main reason it ‘sparked’ was because of Christopher Columbus’s ‘discovery’ of the Americas). They might have been dead when someone finally ignited that spark (which was ignited due to the Spaniards sending Columbus), and the Constitution would have been completely different.
Basically, without the Spanish, the history of America would have taken a completely different turn with so many different events that could have resulted in a different government and a different America.

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One thought on “Credit to the Spanish!

  1. Interesting! Connections with different nations facilitated the colonization of America and made the US the country it is today. Without Spanish discovery the rest of Europe would likely not have know about America as quickly as they did. Competition caused a hunger for land, and America was born. Good Stuff!

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