Breakin’ Away from Nagging Parents: the Teenager Explanation

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America today is quite the oldie when it comes to being a prominent country and whatnot. In fact, the visual of America as a person today would be a very well off business man, lugging around a briefcase, yelling into a cellphone, while rushing from one meeting to another. Important, and yeah, we know it. But, as all adults long ago once were, America started off as a young child…Vulnerable and utterly dependent on Mother Britain. In 1607, America was very newly formed, a weak but still present little seedling of a country planted by Britain. Little did they (Britain) know, this little seed would grow to be quite big and strong, and no longer dependent on anyone or anything but itself.

Let’s expand on some of the finer details of this whole business. Britain was the backbone of America, supported America all the time, was a dependable presence constantly breathing down America’s neck…And, all of a sudden America just wanted independence? No. What happened was America grew up a bit, and became aware for the first time, that hey! They can, and thus far have, taken care of themselves! In other words….They became teenagers.

  • After the French and Indian War, which famously left Britain drowning in debt, Americans realized they did a pretty good job taking care of themselves. Heck, every colony thus far was made independently and without the help of Britain. Many factors played into this, the largest and most obvious one being that America is located far far away from Europe. Without Britain being there at all times, America had self populated, self sustained, and self made everything all around them…Yeah, with supplies and troops from Britain from time to time, but mostly themselves. They were a finely organized and very diverse people, teeming with new cultures. They were not Britain anymore. They were..Different. We were Americans, and solely American.

Okay, so that’s one reason ‘Murica was thinkin’ about breaking off from Britain. Personally, though of course I know that in the long run it was a great thing, I think America was just being “teenagery”: just plain difficult. Britain had thus far taken very good care of them and had provided for them in all senses. They provided them with troops, sage advice, territory, and occasional discipline. All in all, a fine mother, and a fine backbone. But no. Because Britain had gone into debt, they decided to impose taxes on America (Stamp Act, Sugar Act, etc). This wasn’t some spiteful kick to America, Britain just felt that America, being part of Britain at the time, should pay for some of the war’s costs as well. After all, they, too, were involved. They, too, were part of the war, therefore it’s only fair that they pay just a fraction of what the British have to pay….

Here is where I think America quit with actual logic concerning independence, and just clamored for it senselessly. They saw the taxes as downright outrageous (some were, but wow…America reacted like no other *insert mental image of whooping colonists dressed as Natives dumping tea into the port of Boston*), and therefore decided to REVOLT. Even when some of the taxes were repealed, instead of trying to amend with Britain, America was still campaigning for independence. I really do not know why after the taxes were over and done with, for the most part, America could not go back to their main point of argument as to why they should break off from Britain: self governing themselves.

Anyway, after many more rebellious, and in my honest opinion, rather unneeded actions against Mama Britain, America finally emerged as their own nation…And years and years later, became the strong, well built country it is today.

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One thought on “Breakin’ Away from Nagging Parents: the Teenager Explanation

  1. I enjoyed the way you went about explaining the major events that took place leading to the Revolution using the metaphor of rebellious teenager to parent. It definitely fits the situation, since America was breaking away from Britain, and at the age that we are at now, many people do sort of the same thing within their households and they try to become their own person. Along the way, misunderstandings and such happen, but it’s all part of the experience. Nice job.

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