The True Founders of America

This blog entry is about the founding of America. Not the people who wrote a mean letter to the king of England and stated a war, not Columbus, who in 1492 sailed the ocean blue and committed genocide, not even when Leif Erikson found the New World. We are talking about the first ever people to Cross the bering strait and settle America. This blog post is about the Paleo Indians.

The Paleo Indians, also known as the Clovis People, were a group of Asian Hominis Sapientis who migrated from Asia to the Americas roughly 40000 years ago. Heck, it wouldn’t even be called America at that time, as Amerigo Vespucci won’t be born for thousands of years, but I will call it that for the purpose of simplicity. So the Paleo Indians who inhabited America were mostly Nomads who traveled in groups of 20-50 people. occasionally they would create shelters out of mammoth hide or other animal skins, but mostly lived in caves when it was raining or they needed to stop.

These brilliant people also created the beautiful invention of a sharp thing on a stick. This may not seem like much to you now, as you read this on a machine that has access to immense electrical circuits that hold all the information the world has to offer, but this was the greatest advance in technology since the Hominis Erecti discovered fire. Additionally, before the invention of sharp thing on a stick, the way that the Paleo Indians hunted for food was to chase animals off cliffs, which was far from efficient. This is proof of the Paleo Indians’ surprising spread across the continent as arrowheads, also known as the sharp things from sharp things on a stick, have been found across the globe dating from 40000 to 10000 years ago.


About 9000 years ago, the Paleo Indians disappeared. this is because the split into many different tribes; Sioux, Iroquois, Pueblo, Chesapeake, and many others. They all advanced rapidly throughout the years; they built homes, learned to hunt animals properly, and had a form of centralized community. But then the Europeans happened. After that, there was Nationalism, settlements, the United States of America, and all that other stuff that has been hammered into your head repeatedly for the past 11 years of your life.

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7 thoughts on “The True Founders of America

  1. I really like how you disregarded everything we’ve learned in class this year and talked about something completely new. We never talked about the Paleo Indians in class or were they mentioned in our books. I like how you give them credit as the true discoverers of America and in doing so, you taught us about how they lived and survived when they got here and how they evolved into more notable Indian tribes.

  2. I find it interesting how you decided to write about a very old tribe of Native Americans in contrast to what is normally taught; typically the Sioux and others you’ve stated above. Not much is talked about of the first group of people that settled in North America, and who really did ultimately become the founders of America. Great post!

  3. This perspective is very interesting, because I am sure that if someone were asked about the founders of North America, they would probably not say the Paleo Indians. The concept of needing to hunt by chasing animals off of cliffs seems strange to me, but I guess they lived that long ago and didn’t even have tools to hunt.

  4. I think it’s interesting how you wrote about the founders of America that most people just skim over in their textbooks and don’t think twice about. They don’t give much thought to how influential the first people in North America were. I had no idea that the Paleo Indians essentially created one of the first hunting tools. Also, good job on making your blog short but sweet, sometimes blogs can just drag on and on, but I really enjoyed reading yours.

  5. It’s fascinating that you wrote the founders of America were the very people that invented a sharp thing on a stick, and not some European like Columbus. It’s also interesting because I’ve never heard of the Paleo Indians and we never discussed them before in class. Awesome post!

  6. Nice job man, really intriguing to read your post. Never have I heard of the Paleo Indians, and I definitely never realized that it was only one group of people that spread out over the whole of America, dispersing a similar culture among all people, only to see the culture grow and change depending on geographic location.

  7. I liked your post because I my attention is immediately caught by anything having to do with the Bering Land Bridge. I thought that you chose a great topic for this post, because it seemed to me like our textbook blazed through the material about America’s first residents, without even pointing out tribes such as the Paleo Indians. Great job!

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