Columbus Day: Mass Genocide, Bringing Together Many Different Races

Why is it that we celebrate Columbus Day? Sure, the man crossed the ocean and found what is now our homeland, but can the man really be considered a hero? What I’m about to explain may not make sense to a lot of people, and it may even anger some. Why even celebrate Columbus Day? It’s basically celebrating mass genocide of an entire race of people. We don’t even celebrate on the correct date! Columbus discovered the Americas on October 12, not October 14! Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Columbus caused more harm than good in his discovery of the Americas, but his achievements could definitely be seen as an amazing accomplishment.

Just imagine it. You’re a member of an indigenous tribe in the Americas, and then you see a man with a strange color of skin coming toward you. He kills you, because he feels that you are a savage. This is what happened to an extreme amount of Native Americans in the 1500s. That, or they were killed by some horrible disease. When Columbus and other conquistadores arrived in America, they brought over smallpox, the whooping-cough, influenza and many other diseases. Since the Native Americans had not built up any immunities to these diseases, many of them were killed off from smallpox and the others. And why did this happen, you ask? Because of Columbus, of course! Between the diseases and being killed by conquistadores, over 450 tribes, 300 languages and 12,000 years of life were destroyed, all because of Christopher Columbus. Yes, this mass genocide did indeed bring together British, Spanish, Italians, Dutch, Native Americans and Africans together into one new-found country, but was it really worth the murder and destruction of an entire nation? Since America was formed, there have been many wars involving America, causing even more deaths of a nation’s peoples. From the American Revolution all the way to the Afghanistan War, people from all over the world have died because of America’s formation. Tens of thousands were killed when America dropped bombs on Japan. Would this have happened if Columbus had not discovered America? You may be thinking, “Oh, this guy has no patriotism” or “This guy has no respect for his country!” Well, I have both of those, I am just simply stating my opinion on the matter. Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America led to the death of millions, the horrible treatment of slaves, and wars between countries all over the world. However! I am aware of the fact that our country has grown to a global superpower, and I am also aware that because the indigenous people were killed, our people were able to breed and live a great happy life. I am just simply expressing that it is not fair for that to happen, as to kill one life, to save another is just hypocritical.

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6 thoughts on “Columbus Day: Mass Genocide, Bringing Together Many Different Races

  1. A radical approach- I love it! While I always try to encourage you all to find the “gray area” in history, it’s so refreshing when you students decide they will take a stand in their opinion. Well done!

  2. I always hated Christopher Columbus because he enslaved, killed, and raped many natives, but I appreciate the positive outlook you had toward this situation. You mentioned how Christopher Columbus discovery brought together so many cultures and races and I liked how you compared two different sides of the story.

  3. I like how this entry shows both the European side, through talking about how Columbus’s colonization was good for Europe, yet it also shows how it was unfair to the Native Americans who lived here at the time.

  4. I’m not sure if i completely agree with the whole “was it worth it?” aspect that you are saying. You are saying that where we are now is not worth the death of millions of Indians. America is by far one of the greatest countries in the world and I don’t think it would’ve been possible without everything that has happened. The past is the past and nothing can change that. We can only focus on what we can do now not look at the past. Yes columbus could have done things differently but he didn’t know better. The only thing we can do is learn from our mistakes.

  5. I agree that it is not right to celebrate the fact that millions of people died because of Columbus, but I find it hard to concede to your argument about the deaths after Columbus being his fault. It’s true that Columbus discovered America (and even this is controversial, they say he stole the maps) but how is he responsible for the deaths in the Afghanistan War? That’s like blaming a mother for giving birth to a man who will eventually become a serial killer (not that I’m saying America is a serial killer). Oh, well you get what I’m trying to say, right?

  6. You do have an interesting point, although I truly do hate that we as a nation celebrate Columbus Day. (I feel the cons out weight the pros of what he did. After all, he was into a form of child prostitution, and murder. And rape. And murder. Anyway you put it I’m never going to willingly celebrate Columbus Day.)

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